One of the major legacies remaining from the Old West is the ranch brand. Through the passing of previous generations, many of these legacies are being lost. Currently there are few opportunities, other than verbal history handed down through the generations, to preserve the ranching culture and history as it relates to family brands.

A brand signifies not only ownership of cattle, but also the pride of a specific family and it defines their lifestyle. It exists not only on the hide of an animal, but also in the mind of the person who sees it.  A brand is about identifying yourself or a branch of your family; it represents the hard work, success and struggles that are part of the cattle business.

There are more than 17,000 registered brands in the state of Kansas. Each brand has its own story and its own history. The story may be of ownership of land and how a family was able to forge out an existence and build a Kansas business.

The Ranchland Trust of Kansas’ mission includes, “To preserve Kansas’ ranching heritage.” The Brand Legacy program will do that. It was developed so all ranches in the state have a place to preserve, record, and exhibit their stories and display pictures that help document their heritage.

It is not important if the ranch is still a working ranch or if it now is just a portion of the neighbor’s property. The ranch has a history and has played a part in the Kansas ranching legacy.

Whether your ranch uses a hot iron, freeze branding or electronic id, the concept is the same: pride in your past, people and lifetime accomplishments. Be among some of the most storied family histories in Kansas by preserving your brand, your heritage and your family legacy. It is with that sense of pride that we make available the Brand Legacy.

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