Be among some of the most storied family histories in Kansas by preserving your brand, your heritage and your family legacy.

Preserving Kansas’ ranching heritage is one purpose of the Ranchland Trust of Kansas (RTK). In keeping with this mission, we are excited to announce the creation of a new service of RTK, called the Brand Legacy.

Kansas has a rich history of families who have farmed and ranched in this great state. These families have a strong commitment to Kansas in the largest and most storied industries in our state. RTK wants to preserve the brands, heritage and legacies by publishing a multitude of feature stories on the participating families. Most importantly, RTK will archive this information so it may be preserved, shared and celebrated by future generations.

When the Kansas Livestock Association created RTK, it was done so with the understanding and commitment of establishing a nonprofit, charitable organization to serve Kansas farm and ranch families for perpetuity. The revenue from the Brand Legacy program will help sustain RTK with its operational needs and allow the organization to fulfill its second purpose which is to conserve working farm and ranch lands for future generations.

If you would like to participate in the Brand Legacy program, please download our Brand Legacy brochure and return the tear-off slip. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. RTK looks forward to helping you document your family’s agriculture history and to preserve your brand’s legacy!

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